A Good Web Site Is a Web Site That Works!

A Good Web Site Is a Web Site That Works!

Exactly how can you recognize if your website is an excellent site, or what is an excellent internet site?

A great web site is a site that functions, if you have actually developed your internet site to offer some items, you can state that your internet site is an excellent web site if it does market items.

* But are you offering as several items as a great web site offers, or you are just offering a couple of items every now and then?
* Are your sales web pages excellent enouth to consider your internet site an excellent site?
* Do you have sufficient site visitors to your internet site to consider it a great web site?
* Do you have adequate return website traffic or all your site visitors are initial time site visitors?
* Do your site visitors remain adequate time to consider your web site an excellent site?
* How can you recognize without a doubt if your site is a great internet site?
If your webite is a great site, * What kind of concerns ought to you be making to on your own to recognize


* Who cares?
* What are you searching for?
* What sort of site visitors do you have?
* Which is your top priority?
* How should you mesure your success?


If the web site comes from a firm, after that the website put on ´ t come from a bachelor, there ´ s not just one individual that can state if you have a great internet site, so you will certainly need to assemble individuals that are really interested

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You will certainly locate the techno-geeks, the sales individuals, the general public relationships individuals, and so on and so on and also every person of them will certainly have their very own concept of what is an excellent site

When again as the internet site belongs to ALL the firm, the individuals on your firm that care sufficient to evaluate the internet site, must be asked to sign up with the group as well as take some responsability concerning the style of the site


Each of individuals that respects the web site will certainly have their very own suggestion of what they desire out of a great web site. A lot of them will certainly simply be chatting in support of their very own divisions, however you have to require them to assume in support of the firm.

Every division can have their very own objetives, desires and also objectives, each has his very own concept concerning what is a great web site, yet they require to believe as a business, as well as the verdict needs to please the majority of them, as well as if you can, your should develop an excellent page for every one of them.


Every web site has very first time site visitors, returning site visitors, interested, purchasers, individuals that got here by chance, individuals that invest a brief time at the web site, individuals that invest a long period of time at the web site, and so on.

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What type of site visitors do you desire, the ones that reveal more frequently, the ones that check out one of the most web pages, purchases extra things, acquires extra often or invest one of the most cash?

Which are one of the most essential site visitors for your firm, to believe that you have a great web site?

As soon as you obtain them you can be pleased that your website is a great site.


As soon as you recognize what everyone desires, you will certainly need to focus on everyone ´ s objectives.

Will certainly you pursue enhancing gos to, offering even more items per see, offer even more info concerning the firm and also it ´ s items, boosting consumer fulfillment.

After a conversation that will certainly depend upon the amount of individuals is providing their very own viewpoint regarding what cares most, you ´ ll wind up with your very own listing of top priorities, and also the ones that will certainly not be pleased with their demand, at leas will certainly recognize why.


Just how can you make sure that the numbers that you are obtaining are informing you that your website is a great site, It depends …

* If your major concern is to obtain site visitors, after that www.Alexa.com and also it ´ s position can aid you on that particular, yet you can likewise utilize some javacript and also or cookies.
If your major objective is earnings after that the sales will certainly have the top voice, *.
If you are going after consumer fulfillment after that you have to concur with the various other participants of your firm just how will certainly you collect contentment information as well as exactly how will certainly you evaluate it, *.

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All the info that you collect need to aid you take service choices. It ´ s not an issue of obtaining as much details as you can, due to the fact that way too much info can be as poor as insufficient info.

Ensure that you go on determining your success, make it component of a consistent enhancement procedure, since the internet modifications month after month.

You ´ ll actually be able to inform if your web site is an excellent site.

Composed by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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